Coexisting With Coyotes

By Susan / 23 January 2024

What ten years’ worth of close encounters with urban coyotes tell us about coexisting with these wily canines.

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The Currency of Angler Citizen Science

By Susan / 19 January 2024

Lorne Fitch searches for a treasure trove of citizen science data in the fishing diaries of lifelong anglers.

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Canada Jays: Grey Ghosts of the Northern Woods

By Susan / 19 January 2024

Meet the grey ghost of the northern woods — the mischievous yet charming Canada jay.

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Template Post Test

By Susan / 20 November 2023

PUT CONTENT HERE Posted in Read the Original Article for this Blog Post For a richer reading experience, view this article in the fully designed magazine with all images and graphs in-situ. Read the Original Article This article originally ran in the Fall 2023 issue of Nature Alberta Magazine (Vol. 53 | No. 3).

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Making a Map

By Susan / 30 September 2023

Learn how to read and follow maps by making a map of your own neighbourhood or favourite natural space.

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Child building a dam.

Nature’s Architects

By Susan / 29 September 2023

Learn about dams by building like a busy beaver.

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Butterfly Feeder

Make a Butterfly Feeder

By Susan / 24 June 2023

Attract these beautiful pollinators to your garden, and supplement their diet with fresh cut fruit!

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Growing a Garden

By Susan / 29 May 2023

Watch your garden grow… underground!

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Winter Bird Feeder Maze Activity

By Susan / 21 December 2022

Download and print this fun activity sheet to help this winter bird find its way to the bird feeder!

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Winter Birdwatching Scavenger Hunt

By Susan / 8 December 2022

Kids can have fun bird watching too! These activity sheets have been created with junior bird watchers in mind, so get out and get observing. How many of our feathered friends can you find?

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