Why do skunks stink?

By Nature Kids / 9 November 2020

Learn about why our furry friends smell so bad!!

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Easy Bird Feeder

By Nature Kids / 9 November 2020

Make an easy bird feeder for your backyard to help feed our feathered friends!

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How can we keep birds safe?

By Nature Kids / 5 November 2020

Keep cats safe and save birds lives!

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What bird has the farthest migration?

By Nature Kids / 4 November 2020

Migration is something that many birds do every year! Find out who goes the farthest!!

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Making a Map

By Susan / 30 October 2020

Learn how to read and follow maps by making a map of your own neighbourhood or favourite natural space.

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Child building a dam.

Nature’s Architects

By Susan / 1 September 2020

Learn about dams by building like a busy beaver.

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Butterfly Feeder

Make a Butterfly Feeder

By Susan / 24 June 2020

Attract these beautiful pollinators to your garden, and supplement their diet with fresh cut fruit!

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Growing a Garden

By Susan / 29 May 2020

Watch your garden grow… underground!

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