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Trails Act Heading in the Wrong Direction

1 February 2022

The UCP government has proposed legislation to govern trails on public land in Alberta.

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Space: A Frontier No Longer?

28 January 2022


Outer space may still be a frontier, but the space we call wilderness is getting increasingly crowded. The refrain I hear, from people who remember the Eastern Slopes from a previous era, echoes Yogi Berra’s enigmatic statement that “No one goes there, it’s too crowded.” I know I’m reluctant to visit there now, based on my memories of a place much quieter, with less traffic and fewer people.

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What Happened to the Northern Leopard Frog?

28 January 2022

The northern leopard frog is an iconic amphibian, likely the very image that comes to mind when you hear the word “frog.” This once ubiquitous resident of prairie wetlands has faced an ongoing struggle against a changing and increasingly human-centric environment.

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Deadly Highway: Road and Rail Fatalities are Decimating Jasper Park’s Wildlife

28 January 2022


Protected from hunting year-round, Jasper’s elk have lost their fear of humans, and tend to concentrate along highways and in the townsite. There are two main reasons for this: they are attracted by grassy clearings, and there are fewer wolves here than in the backcountry. However, the elk’s anti-predator strategy of staying near human habituation increases the risk of colliding with vehicles and trains.

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Wolverines and coyotes competing for space in Rocky Mountains: New research reveals how industrial disturbances contribute to at-risk wolverine declines

26 January 2022

For every unit increase in linear features, wolverines and coyotes were 3 times more likely to co-occur.

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When Bison Fly

24 January 2022

Wes Olson worked as a National Park Warden for Parks Canada for over three decades, and … had the rare opportunity to see bison fly — albeit by airplane and helicopter.

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Coal Mining in the Eastern Slopes is not in the public interest: new report

11 November 2021

A new report from the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy indicates that coal mining in the Eastern Slopes is not in the public interest. The researchers conclude that the government should consider banning coal mining in the Eastern Slopes.

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What Happened to Sustainable Forestry?

10 November 2021

The progress we’ve made in advancing ecological forest management is now under threat. The Kenney government is planning to boost harvest rates by 33%, far past sustainable limits. Click to read more and find out how you can help make a difference.

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"Ironstone Man" and some enthusiastic audience volunteers at Dinosaur Provincial Park. Kiva Olson.

Park Interpretation in Alberta

2 November 2021


If you have a story of how an interpretive experience connected with you and your family and value personal interpretation as part of defending our parks, please reach out to our provincial decision-makers and tell them so.

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Black-footed Ferret Kits. Ryan Moehring.

The Case of the Missing Prairie Bandit

2 November 2021


One hundred years ago, the prairie bandit was abundant across North America grasslands. By 1979, scientists believed it was extinct. This led to the question: where did the prairie bandit go?

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